the secret book by rhonda byrne summary


The secret book by  rhonda byrne

Everyone has a dream,

whether it be owning that ultimate sports car

or that beautiful second home in your favourite vacation spot

but most people see these as distant dreams that may never be achieved

or achieved much later on in life

well... according to the secret by Rhonda Byrne

you can have your greatest desires right now

Do you think having your wildest dreams come true

right now sounds too good to be true

well let's see if this blog summary of the secret can do just that

So, what is the secret?

It is the law of attraction and what this means is that

your thoughts are magnetic and attract similar frequency thoughts and events

and thus everything that happens to you

is brought to you by your own thoughts

let's look at the author's own life story as example of the secret at work

So Rhonda was in a very tough situation

she just lost her father

and was really struggling with the relationships in her family and at work

when she was given a hundred year old book

Which contained fragments of the secret

this inspired her to research and find out more and more about the secret

and while researching she had a vision to make a film

using the principles of the secret

she hired a film crew and flew to America

we should do most of the teachers of the secret lived

she did this without having any of the teachers

confirmed to be in her movie

and while in America events and people were magnetized to her

and this created the secret in just seven weeks

with 52 teachers agreeing to be in the movie

let's now look at how to apply the law of attraction in our life

This involves three main steps:

Firstly, Asking

Here you have to clearly define what it is you want

so let's look at my friend Ted here

he says but HEY! I already have things that I wanted I haven't received them

well what Ted wants is to be rich

but the desire to be rich is not specific enough

as there is no clear measure to know when you have achieved this goal

a better desire would be to set some specific amount you wish to achieve

the second step is Believing

Here you need to believe that the universe will give you that which you asked for

this is said to be the hardest step and some tips to help with this process are


which involves either at night or in the morning

visualizing having the thing you've asked for

and secondly giving that which you asked for

but you've got to give from the feeling of abundance

and not as a means to an end

the third and final step is Receiving

Receiving involves acting as if you have that which you've asked for

this helps to reinforce the belief that you will receive that which you ask

this does not necessarily mean

going out and buying that for Ferrari you want

But could do all the things around what

you would have to do after you had the Ferrari

Like checking how much insurance will cost

and where you're going to do your services

Now that you know The Secret and how to use it

let's look at some tips and shortfalls that happen when you try to use the secret

Tip 1: The universe doesn't understand I don't

For instance, when you're running late you mustn't think I don't want to be late

because this will keep all your focus and energy on the lateness

and thus draw it to you

Instead you should focus on a positive like I am going to be early

and this can be applied to all aspects of life from personal issues

such as not focusing on the health problems but the good aspects of your health

to world issues such as instead of focusing on anti-war movements

You focus on promoting peace movements

Tip 2: Emotions indicate thoughts

So if you're struggling to figure out what thoughts you are having at any given time

You can always use your emotions as a guide to what you are thinking

as you cannot have negative emotions and positive thoughts

or positive thoughts and negative emotions

and thus your emotions can be a early warning system

to indicate when your thoughts are negative

Tip 3: Using secret shifters

Secret shifters are anything that puts you in a good mood

whether it's music, thinking about a loved one

or one of your favorite places

and then whenever you catch yourself with negative thoughts

you use one of your secret shifters to help improve your mood

and bring the positive thoughts back

Tip 4: Make sure your thoughts, words and actions are aligned with what you want

let's look at an example from the book

Byrne talks about one of her clients,

who was trying to apply the secret without much success

he is an artist who's constantly surrounded by beautiful woman

but yet can never get any of them to go out with him

and his desire was to have many short-term relationships

and while discussing these problems at his house

she noticed that he had a lot of paintings that had woman with their backs turned

when she asked him about these paintings

he said they were all over his house because he really liked this style

Byrne suggested that he changed these paintings

as these paintings were sending him a message that he won't be noticed

and rather have paintings that align with what he wanted

when Rhonda saw him six months later

He told her that he had done what she said and that it worked miraculously

and he was dating a different woman every week

and this shows you how easy it is for what you want and what you do to not align

and one must be aware of the thoughts which may be limiting them

some examples are:

thoughts like I can't afford that

or all men are pigs