the woman in the window book review

the woman in the window book review

The woman in the window book

This is my book review for The Woman in the window book 

here it is I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads I thought it was well written I've never read any other books ,by this author so I was really excited to read some new thrillers by authors

that I haven't really heard of before so ,this was a great book it's a thriller
slash psychological suspense kind of novel it just came out this month in
January so definitely check it out if you haven't yet basically the synopsis
of this book is the main character the protagonist and a fox lives in New York
in Harlem and she has a house there she never leaves the house she has a go
phobia so she's too scared of the outside world
she doesn't reinter act with too many people

she only kind of regularly visits with her physical therapist who's lady that
comes to her home and also her psychiatrist who also comes and visits
her every so often she doesn't only interact with her neighbors she just
looks out her window and sees what they're up to so she knows the kind of
their daily routines she like you just her camera take pictures of them and she
that's the way that she keeps up with them she didn't seem like a stalker or
anything like that it just seems like she doesn't have a lot of people in her
life that she interacts with so that's her way to keep up with the neighborhood
and to know what's going on around her her family is also mentioned in this
book she has a husband and a daughter but they have separated so they don't
live with her and you also get to know while I reading this book what happened
with her family and why they're separated and also why she doesn't leave
the house and why she's so scared of the outside world it's like a second
storyline in this book apart from the main storyline which
starts emerging once her new neighbors move in it's a family mother father and
their son and they seem like a perfect

until one day Anna is looking out the window and she sees something that she
shouldn't have seen in their living room after that her perception of them
changes and she realizes that they might be hiding something dark and weird and
she begins to try and uncover it so there's like the two things that you
learn you start learning more about what she sees with her neighbors and she like
brief interacts with them and starts getting to know them and we also learn
more about her past and why her family is not there with her whether been
separated why she's scared to leave her house I overall liked Anna as the

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she's an unreliable narrator it reminded me a lot of girl on the train where the
narrator drinks and therefore would only know what whether she's telling the
truth or not in this case there are pills that she's prescribed by her
psychiatrist and she's not supposed to be drinking while taking them in spite
of in spite of that she does mix them with quite a bit of alcohol she like
drinks every day and her perception seems to be a little cloudy times so
throughout the book we don't really know whether what she saw was real or whether
she made it up there's two plot twists in this book the first plot twist has to
do with Anton herself I don't know that's a spoiler but it has to do with
her and it's something that I did not see coming it was a crazy unexpected
plot twist the second plot twist is at the end when you actually realize what's
been going on like what has happened and we finally know what went down so it's
all clear in the end I was more shocked by the first plot twist because it was
not something I expected and it definitely changes things it makes you
kind of gives you a lot of doubt and makes you second-guess everything you
thought before that plot twist so that was really exciting
when I first started reading this book I
thought this beginning was very slow andfor a while I just didn't really feel
like I was really into this book it was started out with like her just
describing like the houses around her walk and like kind of just a little
things about her neighbors and just like kind of almost like real estate related
things where I wasn't really that interested in it and for a little while
I was kind of second-guessing my decision to read this book and I was a
little worried that I was never gonna pick up but then slowly but surely it
started to get a bit more interesting things actually started happening so I
was glad that I finally picked that Brotherhood just being the slow-burning
sort of read so I like that so overall it was a good read definitely some
twists and turns slow to start very unreliable character the ending event I
wish I had been as shocked as I had been while reading some other thrillers
before in relation to the other types of books I really enjoy this one like
probably I liked less than all of the other ones like I like less than all of
my favorites but it's still a good read so and 

I gave it 4 stars so it is good
it's well written I just in my opinion
it wasn't as good as it could have been
but it was a pretty decent read and it
was definitely a page-turner so I feel
like thrillers and suspense novels I
highly recommend it please let me know
if you've read this book and what you
thought and also please let me know if
you are looking forward to reading this
one thank you so much

Review By::- Pooja Manjunath 

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