To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee - Book Review


To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee || Book Review

Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee this is a sensational classic and so many people have recommended me to read it and after, I was done reading it, I am reviewing it so here you go now this

book is such a favourite among people probably because of Harper Lee writing style the plots she

 has chosen and how she has weaved the entire story so beautifully that once you start reading

it, it becomes really hard to put it down and this is such a novel that you are gonna carry with you forever so even before I start actually telling you guys about how the book is 

 I think you should buy and read it so you can understand that I am totally positive about this

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book, the book is a story which is centered around racism and the loss

of innocence and it's about a six-year-old girl named Scout and her

brother Jeremy and a neighbor who comes every summer

Dyl and they go on several adventures and their adventure is really really

limited to one man and that's currently for at least a neighbor who has several

allegations against him and they have not really seen Bradley ever but they

make an image of Boo Radley in their mind about how scary he might be about

how scary things he might do how scary he looks etc etc

there are several proofs that the novel parallels the life of  Harper Lee herself

and that's something I really like to know when I am reading a book that it

has Same autobiographical elements because that makes the read real more

enjoyable than it is stout and Jen's father Atticus is a lawyer and he is

probably the portrayal of a perfect man now the problem arises

when a black man is accused of raping a white woman and Atticus is appointed to

fight in favor of the black man and obviously in America that arises arouses

a lot of problems and the story is basically centered around the racism

that concerns Tom Robinson that is the black man was accused and it's

absolutely heartbreaking how he was punished for something that he had not

even done and I think that's probably where the story moves you so much

because if you suddenly realize that justice is just a word and it reminds

you of the time when you are so innocent and suddenly poof one day your innocence

was lost in this really dirty world probably that's the best part for me and

for several people as well but you may have your favorite past you like I

really like the last part where Boo Radley comes out and it's a lovely part

in this book so I wouldn't tell you more about it because then it'll act as a

spoiler but I think guys you should totally read this book it's such a

beautiful book that you're gonna carry with you forever

I think it's the favorite of so many people for a very good reason that

Harper Lee  is such a magician this book was published first in 1960 and it has been

reprinted and repainted many times in many languages and flies you can

understand how beautiful this book has to be I think that's a sequel to this

book which is called go set a watchman I haven't read it yet but I really want to

if you if you have let go set a watchman then please let me know in the comments,

I  think that I am in any position to rate this verb because this is such a

masterpiece so I wouldn't give this book any rating I just want to say that guys

you really must buy this book and buy it from the link that I've attached below

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Review by : Pooja Mnjunath

I hope you guys enjoyed the read