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To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee - Book Review

  To Kill A Mockingbird  by Harper Lee || Book Review Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee this is a sensational classic and so many people have recommended me to read it and after, I was done reading it, I am reviewing it so here you go now this book is such a favourite among people probably because of Harper Lee writing style the plots she  has chosen and how she has weaved the entire story so beautifully that once you start reading it, it becomes really hard to put it down and this is such a novel that you are gonna carry with you forever so even before I start actually telling you guys about how the book is   I think you should buy and read it so you can understand that I am totally positive about this Link For amazon Indian Link For amazon US Link For amazon Uk book, the book is a story which is centered around racism and the loss of innocence and it's about a six-year-old girl named Scout and her brother Jeremy and a neighbor who
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Trading for a living summary in 5 steps

Trading for a living summary in 5 steps Trading for a living summary in 5 steps  Freddy has always, for as long as his friends can remember, been fat. Furthermore, for as long as his friends can remember, he's been "on a diet". In front of other people, he seems quite strict about his diet,  but a visit to his kitchen tells a different story. He insists that he wants to be slim, but is still as fat as ever. To Freddy, the short-term pleasure of having a Snickers every once in a while is stronger than the delayed health and social benefits of weight loss. Freddy is very similar to how many traders behave in the markets. They insist that they want to become rich and successful through trading, but yet they keep ruining it for themselves, by seeking short-term thrills from gambles and other self-sabotaging activities. It is bad enough to deceive other people, but to deceive yourself is hopeless. The world is full of books on how to lose weight, but the

The psychology of money book full summary with examples from my own life

 The psychology of money book full summary with examples from my own life  The key learning that I had from this book right, here it's called the psychology of money is a very interesting book, and a lot to learn but instead of focusing on the book I will focus on the key learning that I had from this book, that I applied in my own real life and I benefited from it so that will be off, more meaning to you rather than just talking about this book the book starts, with a very interesting story of a person named  ronald james reed  who came from a very poor background so he was a car mechanic for about 25 years and then for the next 17 years he used to wipe the floors of showrooms right so came from a very very poor background but at the age of 92 when he died, he made the headlines because  at the time of his death he had 8 million dollars in his bank account  and most of that money he donated to charity now how does a person like him become a millionaire? right, that's

secrets used by pros to build high profitable blogs

 LEARN THE SECRETS USED BY PROS TO BUILD HIGH-PROFIT BLOGS EVERY TIME AND MAKE REAL MONEY !! The real secrets of building success full blog:- First thins firsts, well start with something simple, don't set bigger targets to achieve keep small and achievable targets. If you don't want to buy a domain for your blog. don't start blogging !! this the basic most investments required to start a blog  Hosting is optional, but if you are planning to build a bigger website or blog, hosting is a must. For beginners you can use blogger hosting provided by Google, it will also give you free SSL for your blog that's a plus. How to choose the niche for blogging? Well, you can only succeed in blogging or anything in your life when you are passionate about the thing you are doing. Say you have a lot of interest in cricket, blog about the game. or anything for that matter. You should be interested in the blog you are taking up. What is SEO? Search engine optimization (SEO), SEO is the b

the secret book by rhonda byrne summary

THE SECRET BOOK BY RHONDA BYRNE SUMMARY The secret book by  rhonda byrne Everyone has a dream, whether it be owning that ultimate sports car or that beautiful second home in your favourite vacation spot but most people see these as distant dreams that may never be achieved or achieved much later on in life well... according to the secret by Rhonda Byrne you can have your greatest desires right now Hi this is Darren with Philosophize Now! Do you think having your wildest dreams come true right now sounds too good to be true well let's see if this animated summary of the secret can do just that So, what is the secret? It is the law of attraction and what this means is that your thoughts are magnetic and attract similar frequency thoughts and events and thus everything that happens to you is brought to you by your own thoughts let's look at the author's own life story as example of the secret at work So Rhonda was in a very tough situation she just los

Think and grow rich napoleon hill book summary

Think and grow rich napoleon hill book summary Think and grow rich napoleon hill book summary I'll be summarizing one of the greatest self-help books of all time think and grow rich this book is one of the world's greatest books ever. We will summarize some of the world's greatest business and personal development books I have personally read over hundreds of business and self-help books and in this blog I'm summarizing a book that is not only one of the top books but it is also one of my top books so here we go think and grow is arguably one of the greatest self-help books of all time why because in it is the combined knowledge about how to become successful from some of the greatest minds of the 20th century including john d Rockefeller who was the richest man the world has ever seen Andrew Carnegie the biggest steel tycoon of his times and second only to Rockefeller in terms of wealth henry ford the founder of Ford Motor Company Thomas Edison th