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the secret book by rhonda byrne summary

THE SECRET BOOK BY RHONDA BYRNE SUMMARY The secret book by  rhonda byrne Everyone has a dream, whether it be owning that ultimate sports car or that beautiful second home in your favourite vacation spot but most people see these as distant dreams that may never be achieved or achieved much later on in life well... according to the secret by Rhonda Byrne you can have your greatest desires right now Hi this is Darren with Philosophize Now! Do you think having your wildest dreams come true right now sounds too good to be true well let's see if this animated summary of the secret can do just that So, what is the secret? It is the law of attraction and what this means is that your thoughts are magnetic and attract similar frequency thoughts and events and thus everything that happens to you is brought to you by your own thoughts let's look at the author's own life story as example of the secret at work So Rhonda was in a very tough situation she just los